2.0 Second glance


I decided to fiddle with cubasis a bit more after the inspirative toilet session we shared…
(no external or iap plugs- purely cubasis and one audio file)

here are some areas which need some improvement in my eyes:

  1. Copy paste in the main arranger of many tracks simultaneously is hit and miss -> sometimes it works if i am quick enough, sometimes it copies all the tracks and not only the events. sometimes it places the copies next to the copied events, sometimes at the location of the cursor. -> a new duplicate button would elegantly solve this

  2. Copy paste should work in the midi editor when it is opened for editing. (not in the main arranger)

  3. When holding a event to move around- sometimes the loop changes - which it shouldnt when moving events- only long holding events that are not in the process of moving should change the loop locators

  4. A scissors tool seperate from the locator dependency would be nice ( seperate scissors crosshairs )

  5. Pitchbend edit window needs a makeover. -> it is impossible to edit (finetune) pitchbend automation after RW recording. The little crosses make a 90° box when editing and one cannot make a line or a curve- The automation editor does not consider recorded pitchbend data as automation and one cannot edit it from there either.

  6. Midi editor- One should have a “smart edit” mode - Basically a select “lasso” that is always on. Double click empty area to make new notes, double click notes to delete. -> one should not always have to cycle through tools.

  7. Vertical zoom - to see the big picture;)

  8. Channelstrip for the master channel.

    -> these are all my first improvements after 64 bars of "first contact*

I hope they are of some help to you, dear devs.

overall a much better experience…

thank you=)

some pics-
copy note? (because note is at a special length and has specific velocity etc)

edit pitchbend?

Thanks for your suggestions, ggc.

Please use the similar named buttons available from the sub menu bar, to copy and paste midi notes in the MIDI editor.
Depending on the event status multiple sub menu buttons can be used for edits in the MIDI editor.

Further optimisations of the MIDI editor are be evaluated for a later Cubasis update.
We’ll make sure to have your recommendations added to the list and will discuss them.

Vertical and horizontally zooming is available both in the arrangement and editors.
To even see the bigger picture you bring the editors (and other app windows) to full screen by moving its upper boarder.

Channel strip
Further effect additions are on our list already.

We are glad you like the overall better experience when using Cubasis 2.


Hi Lars=)

ahhh, copy/paste in midi editor works now…=)… -> maybe it needed to sleep over it first:P

Zooming is also good- for vertical zoom one needs to “pinch” where the tracknames/M/S is… nice=)

Thank you very much for everything and everything else;)

Take care and all the best=)



Thanks ggc,

Glad to hear you’re up and running!

All the best for you too,