2.1.1 Export Audio Creates Subfolder

In 2.1.1, when I export audio, the process puts the file in a sub-folder (using the flow name) under the location I specified.

My memory could be failing me, but I seem to recall that in earlier releases you could over-ride the creation of the sub-folder and the audio file would go exactly where you specified.

Has my memory failed me, or has the behavior changed? In either case, is there any way to say “Please do not put my file in a sub-folder, put it where I want”?

Yes, this is new behavior. Sometimes it creates a sub folder when I export audio, sometimes it doesn’t. Strange.

It creates subfolders to be sure that filenames will not collide when exporting multiple flows.

Daniel -
I have no problem with that, but as I recall - and dankreider agrees with me - there used to be an option (I believe a check box) to over-ride that and go straight to the root folder.

Also - and a follow up question - given that export adds the flow name to the filename how could there ever be a collision of filenames - unless you gave two flows the same name?

The checkbox is still there as before, it just exports differently after 2.10.

But it’s not a big deal from my perspective, in light of the other development needs. Just a curiosity.

I actually wonder whether Dorico would handle two flows with identical names correctly: it might actually end up overwriting them.

Anyway, yes, it is the case that there used to be an option for whether or not folders would be created, and there no longer is, because Dorico always creates subfolders. We don’t have any current plans to change this, but your displeasure at the change is noted.

Daniel - Thanks for prompt response and for giving me some comfort that my memory is not totally failing me. Now where did I leave my cell phone? :slight_smile: