2 1/2 hours after payment for 7.5 - still no download links

Okay, Steinberg, I paid my money for the upgrade. Got my Asknet receipt almost immediately and it’s now two and a half hours later and still nothing.

Nothing in my spam or junk email either. Can somebody from Steinberg answer please?

How long do I have to wait before I assume there’s a problem? I ask because other people got theirs within five minutes.


You should only wait a few minutes and then contact asknet support.

Thanks, Steve. Yep, I just called and they resent it but sent the one for Cubase 6.5 to 7. I called back and they said there was a problem with my order.

The rep is being helpful but I’m on hold now.

Glad you got it sorted.


Wait. You didn’t get it sorted. :cry:

Well, for some unknown reason they have blocked my account for Fraud, even though Paypal has approved the payment??!! And I’ve bought all my upgrades from them before.

The rep can’t help because the payment department is in Germany and they have to deal with it.

Well for tonight. Thanks for nothing Steinberg and Asknet!

Happened to me for C6.5, took days going back and forth getting the 3rd degree from some guy at asknet before they approved it. This time I called the CC company first and told them to approve the transaction. Went through without a hitch.

Well, I hope it doesn’t take that long. Weird thing is Paypal sent the payment. It’s approved.

I’ve been with Steinberg for years (my posts aren’t correct because it got reset last time they rebuilt this site.) There’s no reason this should happen. I use my Paypal all the time for Ebay and other purchases.

Oh well… we’ll see…