2:15 Minutes to Open Project?

Opening a largish project in 7.01 takes me 2:15 to open every time. I’m told that people experience faster load times in Cubase 7, but this project has never taken that long to open in Cubase 6.5. It also takes a long time to unload.

Is anyone else experiencing such long load times? Trying to determine if I should contact tech support. I have a reasonably speedy CPU and 16BG or RAM.

Export midi/audio data and re-import into a new project created in C7.

I too am experiencing long load times, the mixconsole loading window scrolls across very slow. I see it even when I’m creating an empty new project from a template. v7 load isn’t slow but 7.0.1 is. Takes a full minute longer.

What graphics hardware are you using?

Aloha guys just to chime in.

Because I also use Cubase in a live setting,
load times are critical.

If I open a project that only uses Steiny plugs,
load times are never longer than 45 sec.
(typically 15-30 sec)


Once I add in a few SampleTank and a few NI plugs, and other 3rd party stuff,
I wait…and wait…and wait …and so on and so on…
“Quick, tell another joke curt”!

To be fair ST stuff is still at 32 bit, so some bridge loading has to take place.
But the other stuff is all 64 bit.

For me, seems load times were a lil better in C6/6.5.


The thing that is odd for me is that it is fine with v7.0 but not with 7.0.1. I have a Nvidia Quadro FX 3500. And NO, 0, plugins and no 0 vst instruments. This is with an empty, no audio on the tracks, no midi tracks, starting a new project from a template. Just to open a newe mpty project takes a whole minute longer in 7.01 than 7. This is in 64 and 32 bit v.

Does it have a workstation or certified driver?

It’s nvidia’s driver, up to date. My point is that it’s fine in 7.0 and not in 7.0.1. Something changed in the versions that I am experiencing. I am reloading v7 from scratch.

Starting Cubase in safe mode may help.

Interesting comments. Seems I’m not alone. I wonder if Steinberg is paying attention to this, or if I should start a support ticket.

Mine starts much longer when loading certain instruments - even own Steinberg’s Halion Sonic…



I just compared the open time in Cubase 6.5: it took 1:10 seconds, so it is taking nearly twice as long in Cubase 7. In 7, it takes over a minute to close the project, and it took 20 seconds to close the app itself. That can’t be right. All of my projects are taking longer. Would be nice to hear from an admin.

One other thing to consider is your HDD.
If much of the stuff being retrieved is from a single big bloated HDD this will also increase load times.

yep, tis true. But if it is so much faster in 6.5 and 7 and so much slower in 7.01… can’t be the hard drive, can’t be the video card, etc. Something in 7.0.1 was changed… I’m curious as to what that was.

Which is a wholly unsupported program version.

Optimizations will come.

yep, that’s for which I am hoping, patiently trying. In the mean time, I’ll keep using v7.0. I figure I’d bite the bullet now and continue to familiarize myself with v7 rather than use v6.

A positive attitude will always win the day.

Is this something that Steinberg has addressed? These very noticeably longer open/close times is very tiresome. At least a few other people are experiencing it. Can a moderator please comment? :confused:

I have some very large projects taking roughly 12Gb of RAM but the ‘loading channel’ times take FOREVER! Its worse in Cubase 7 than previous versions but Kontakt may also be to blame.

Something that might be interesting is if the vstbridge setting up may be a culprit.
Especially if some of the projects are using lots of 32bit plugins and you are launching a 64bit Cubase…

Just thinking aloud because I’ve seen the bridge crash a few times already and just made me think how that would affect load times… :nerd: