2.2 staccato dots accented

Playback of notes with staccato dots receive an accent and while they should be short, they shouldn’t be accented unless so marked. I’ve looked around to see if I can get that to stop but haven’t found a solution. Any suggestions? thanks

Richard, what sound library are you using, and which instrument sample specifically? I’m not finding that staccatos play with any emphasis for me, no matter what sounds I use.

There are no settings you can change in this regard: in Playback Options, staccatos are grouped under “Timing,” not “Dynamics,” since they’re articulations of duration. Perhaps the particular sound sample you’re using has an attack that sounds accented?

I,m using the solo violin in Halion. I found that if I set the Humanize to around 5% and the Dynamic Curve down to 2 it minimizes the effect.

For violins in HSO, there is a sampled staccato, which does indeed have a different kind of attack to the sustained notes. If you want to prevent Dorico from using those sampled staccatos, you can delete the ‘Staccato’ entry from the ‘HSO Violins Combi’ and ‘HSO Violin Solo’ expression maps in Play > Expression Maps. This will affect only the current project.

Thanks Daniel, sounds much more natural now.