2.2 tempo equations

The new features in 2.2 - how do we find them? I’m interested in the ‘tempo equations’ mentioned in the short video; not given in the manual, at least not under ‘tempo equations’.

Read page 38 of the Version History: http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/Dorico_Pro_2_and_Dorico_Elements_2/2.2/Dorico_2.2_Version_History.pdf?_sp=17cac455-1441-47b0-abe0-3522f95b654f.1544347942481

Ha! The one place I hadn’t looked. (I had downloaded it, and I had looked in more than just the F1 manual.) Thanks.

It’s a tad annoying though that the scroll bar in the Tempo Panel hides half the double-dot box.