2:3 tuplets


I don’t know if this is a known bug.

When I copy passages containing 2:3 tuplets (quavers), the tuplet and everything that follows it are not copied properly.


If you make sure that the tuplet bracket/number is selected as well as the notes, then you should find that they copy properly. If not, please attach your project here (zip it up first, as you can’t attach plain .dorico files), and we’ll be happy to take a look.

I tried again, this time by selecting the whole bar. Copied the tenor (bar 40 of the attached file). The results are on the Bass. The tuples did copy properly, but the rest of the bar didn’t.

Eklesiastes 3 (Cayabyab)2.dorico.zip (825 KB)

I also get this… but duplets alone copy correctly (last bar)

Thanks for reporting this. It looks like there is a bug of some kind in copy and paste, which we’ll look into as soon as possible.