2/4 & 6/8 meter at the same time

How can I create 2/4 and 6?8 meter at the same time. The measures don’t line up as they should. Yes, I know I can do triplets and hide the brackets and even “show a 6/8” meter over the 2/4 but it’s all a trick. Is there a legitimate way to do this?

I show an example, the top staff (flute) is in 2/4 and the second staff (oboe) is in 6/8.

I have searched but there is no real answer. I can fake it if I need to but if there is a legit answer I would to love what it is.

Thanks forum,

Meter Question.jpg

Nope, the workaround is the current solution still.

I see if I do 2/4 (6/8) and hide the triplet numbers it is a respectable solution but this should be handled internally by Dorico if it is to become a dominant force in music notion.


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I’m sure the Dorico Team knows this, but they cannot do everything at once.