2/4 time signature

I have always used the score editor in Cubase, but have never figured out the simple task of adding a 2/4 bar without first entering a time signature and editing. For some reason the menu has 4:4, 3/4, 6/4, cut time but not 2/4. Does anyone know how to add a 2/4 menu item?




I’m afraid this is no possible. Myself I add a Signature in the Project window. Btw, you can also add a 4/4 and then in the Transport Panel rewrite it to 2/4. If you change the Time signature in the Transport Panel, the most Time Signature on the left side of the Playback cursor is overwritten. Unfortunately there is even not a way, how to add a Signature marker from the Transport Panel (like hold down any modifier while hit enter).

And unfortunately there is no way, how to add 2/4 Time Signature to the Time Signature tab in the Score editor.

Strange omission for sure.