2 Annoying GUI issues (OSX)

I’m using 8.5.0 on OSX 10.9.5 but don’t see these in the version history of any of the recent updates…

First issue: In OSX, if I do the following, Wavelab defaults to the wrong view:

  1. work on a file in Audio File view.
  2. CMD+Tab to bring select a different application in OSX.
  3. CMD+Tab to go back to Wavelab.

…Wavelab switches to automatically to the Audio Montage view — even if I have no Audio Montages loaded!

Second Issue:
Using a MacBook Pro, with trackpad (no external mouse etc). Wavelab frequently keeps the focus on the wrong thing, the result being that swiping to move the cursor (which it does) also changes a parameter I’ve recently selected — in plug-ins, on the master fader, waveform selections and so on. This one’s driving me crazy!

If they’ve been fixed in updates I’ve yet to install, then great. If not, I figured you should know!



I’m on 8.5.3 and OSX 10.10.4 and suffer from both those issues. Both VERY annoying.

I can’t reproduce and never noticed this issue in the past. I’m on 10.10.5 now though. Here’s a video of what happens on my end:


Even with a montage open or not, if I’m working on an audio file and use CMD+Tab to move to another app, when I go back to WaveLab it still shows the audio file.

Somehow the problem doesn’t happen on my end.

#2 I can’t comment on as I never use a trackpad but even with the mouse, I have seen cases where the mouse cursor stays “stuck” on certain knobs of plugins and other things.