2 bar repeat shortcut

Still new to Dorico… I can’t figure out to make a 2 bar repeat sign. Shift-R gives me the pop-up, I write %2, and it gives me a 1 bar repetition with 2 orange circles that I cannot move or do anything with. I’ve also tried to do it on the 2 bars I want to repeat - no result. What am I doing wrong here?

Dear Danstrup,
Select the two bars following the two original ones, shift-R and %2. Then you should find the selected bars get populated with one “two bars repeat” sign.

I’m sorry, I am not. But I could do it this way: I made a copy of the two bars, then did the shift-R and %2 on the copied bars, then I got both, notes and ‘2 bars repeat’. After that I deleted the notes. Not the best way, I guess.

Well, that’s funny, because I created a project especially to answer your question and to make sure I was not answering wrong… so I know it does work this way! Anyhow, you could also use the user guide :

Good. It’s working now! Wonder what I did wrong.