2 bar repeats problem when the time sig changes

Dear Team,
I recently discovered a “problem” in a score with numerous bar-reapeat signs, especially with 2-bar repeats (but I guess the problem is also for 4 bar repeat signs). My idea is that the % sign should always be centered on the barline, and it looks as though it is centered in the middle of the musical space containing the 2 bars. Which is coincident with the barline when both bars have the same time signature. But here the time signature changes every bar.
Has this already been reported ? Is there any elegant workaround — Engrave mode does not offer any means to move those signs…

Capture d’écran 2020-10-06 à 13.51.53.png

No, this hasn’t been reported, and it’s not something we anticipated would be a normal use case for two-bar repeats, I’m afraid.

Would alternating time signatures be a solution? It seems to be a very regular change of the time signatures.

I could have used alternating time signatures, but the sign would not be on the barline either.
This is repetitive music, so I thought these signs would really fit. And actually players do not complain about it. Really more legible. Only different music gets written, it makes the parts so much easier (page turns…).

I don’t think I’ll ever use those in such case, I admit. The fact that I could not move those signs felt wrong, though. Or that they could be somewhere else than on the barline. That’s a feature request for Dorico 12.5 then :wink: