2 bar rests in the same bar

I am transcribing 16C keyboard pieces that are in four voices, two per stave. The originals were printed in parts using movable type. I do this by transcribing each part on to a separate stave and then copying the voices onto the keyboard staves. When the alto voice begins in, say, bar 8 and the soprano in bar 10, I end up with only one bar rest in bars 1-7. In adding bars rest in the other voice, one rest sits in front of the other. I duly hit rest pos. in the properties panel and they separate; but I can tell by the colours that the rest for the alto is higher in the stave than that for the soprano voice, which looks odd. I then have to swap the contents of the voices to correct this.

It seems to me that this last step should not be necessary, unless my work flow is at fault.


If you haven’t already, check in Write > Notation Options > Rests for various defaults around rests in different voices.