2 bugs? 1 suggestion and 1 question

Hi there,

Someone has also encountered these weird behaviors? They were already in 3.5.

  1. often when entering a trill, the interval option in the lower panel doesn’t appear. I need to click somewhere else and reselect the trill to see it (speaking of trills, is there a way to get a minor 2nd as the default interval?);

  2. the staff manual visibility function and the system formatting functions really don’t like each other. Hiding a staff will erase system breaks (even when locked) and formatting a system will make a hidden staff reappears. Or is it just me doing I don’t know what?

Question : did the new update resolved the compatibility problems between VEP and Dorico?

Suggestion : a detail, really… in the transposition window could it possible to put the interval before the quality? It would make way more sense.


The interval option appears on new trills for me. What build are you on? Did you download the new maintenance update?

Québ, can you provide an example of the second problem you describe here, so I can see what might be going on? Thanks.

Hi Daniel,
can you give your email? When I try to attach a Dorico file, it gives me an invalid file extension.

I do join a screenshot of the trill problem. A trill is selected and the interval option doesn’t appear in the bottom menu. This is weird because it happens only from time to time and I don’t know how to systematically reproduce it.

Asking again : are the incompatibility problems between Dorico and VEP settled?

I’m on Mac (late 2013 OS Sierra), Dorico is updated. Please see the screenshot attached to my last post.

If you zip up the Dorico project, you can attach it here. More details here.

On 1. I can confirm this occurs regularly irrespective of project. Click away and reselect then it nearly always works. It may be that it’s hard to select the actual accidental at lower magnifications but I’ve never really been enough annoyed by it enough to try serious troubleshooting.

On 1. it seems to depend exactly where you click. If you are right on top of the tr sign you don’t get the “interval” property. If you click a bit to the right (where the accidental would be, even if it isn’t displayed) you do get the property.

Makes sense, Rob, and probably tallies with my findings though I never bothered to check systematically. Certainly it seems mainly to occur when no accidental is seen.

Re: 1. I experience this frequently as well.

Playing around with it, it looks like it appears when both symbol and accidental are highlighted. Highlighting one or the other shows the dropdown. Then if you option+click to select both, the dropdown disappears.

I can’t think of a reason why you would want to select a trill and NOT see the interval property, though. Maybe all this is something left over from the time when trills didn’t play back, but you could display accidentals in the score.

@Rob I wholeheartedly agree. It could also be something intended for Engrave mode (though the behavior is the same in either), since you’re not supposed to be able to change “notes” there … but I would much prefer if it was always visible.

Hi Daniel,

I have a French version. I’m translating the commands’ names, so it might not be exactly how they’re called in English.
To reproduce the problem :

  1. With “Manual staff visibility”, hide the 1st violon 1st staff (violon 1 (a))
  2. You should get the 5/4 weirdly displayed with the last beat appearing on page 2
  3. If you either delete the System break or “convert into a system” to get the full 5/4 on one of either page, the hidden staff reappears and then you can start back at no 1

Is it me doing something weird?

Sorry to be insistent, but did the new update settled the problems with VEP pro?
Porblem Manual Staff.dorico.zip (1.13 MB)

On the first system of the project, you already have ‘Violon 2 (a)’ hidden, but if I add ‘Violon 1 (a)’ as hidden in the same staff visibility change, I don’t see anything change in an unexpected way on page 2. The 7/8 bar at the end of the first page remains split over the page break after the change. Can you perhaps attach pictures of the before and after situation in your project to help me understand what’s going wrong?

Can you be more specific about what incompatibility between Dorico and VE Pro you’re referring to?

Hi Daniel,
For VEP, the program change issue : https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=189233&start=50#p1002673

I’ve attached 4 screenshots :

  1. 2nd page (center), the 1st violin extra staff (Violon 1 (a)) is apparent
  2. Manual staff visibility : hiding Violon 1 (a)
  3. the 5/4 bar gets split over page 2 and 3 at the point where the extra staff begins
  4. after forcing the 5/4 bar into a system, the extra staff reappears

Can you make sense out of it?

PS : 4th screenshot in a subsequent post


4th screenshot

Have you tried adding the triil intervall directly in the popover? I use it all the time and it is much faster than fiddling with the property panel.

Yes of course but there are 2 problems that force me to use the property panel:

  1. Default trill is major (non tonal score) which I rarely use;
  2. I use trill samples most of the time so I have to desactivate dorico’s trill which I keep only because it’s a looker

One day, I’ll find the time to program shortcuts for these functions

So far as I know, the program change problem with VE Pro is indeed fixed in Dorico 3.5.10.

Regarding your problem with manual staff visibility, when you introduce a manual staff visibility change, you will also get a system break at that position. If you don’t want the system break at that position, don’t select something at that position: instead, try double-clicking the existing system break at the start of the page.