2 bugs. Lyrics with note repeat. tuplet can't be undone

Strange things I ran into when woking on an arrangement.

Here are the movies to look at and the Dorico file zipped.

Here you can see what happened when I presse cmd-Z for undo several times.
Tuplet undo bug-Segment 1.gif
This shows the bug when I press R for repeat the note. The lyrics gets deleted.
Lyric Repeat note.gif
Tuplet problem.dorico.zip (290 KB)

It is currently expected behaviour that repeating notes will remove existing lyrics. We plan to revisit the behaviour of how copy and paste works when it comes to deciding which types of events to retain and which to remove or replace. It is also the presence of the lyrics that causes the problem with undoing the creation of the tuplet. I believe this will be addressed once we properly sort out the “tupletify” functionality needed to convert existing non-tuplet notes into tuplets.