2 CC121 Together? Is it possible?

Hello, I have all CMC series & CC121…I work with them with no problems.
But I want to buy another CC121. Is it possible, can I use CMC Series & 2 CC121 together?

I do not have an answer, but am curious. Considering that a CC121 operates on the currently selected track, what would be the point? What advantage would two (as opposed to just one) CC121’s give me?

Exactly, how would you ever know which cc121 works with which track?

Why have they to work with different tracks.
Maybe one is on the workdesk and the other ones on a mount at the V-Drums…

They should of course be a choice of the user. Independent mode or mirror. EQ:ing two track at the same time not directly a new thing.

I get that, but there is no visual indication of which cc121 is which in Cubase :wink:.

Thats right. But it can work as with other daw controllers. There is a mark of which has a fader selection. That can be seen on mixerview and arranger view today. They are light grey. Assign a color to each independent
controller and use that lane. And when having independent fader controllers add addition lanes.