2 Celli One line - cannot tie lower voice

Hello. In 3/4, four eighth notes and a quarter. I have entered two lines into my cello staff - VC1 and VC2.

The first four eighth notes are in unison and the two celli split into a third on the quarter.

The upper cello continues up to a higher note on the quarter but the lower cello remains on the same pitch.

I wish to tie the lower cello to its quarter but am unable to make it happen. Dorico converts the line into three eighths and a dotted quarter. I know it’s a setting in notation options but cannot find it. Please help. Thanks.

I read this three times and tried to make sense of it, sorry. Can you post a screenshot?

I am so sorry. Screen Shot coming up.


in the second bar in the divisi part I’d like to have the lower part tie eighth to quarter instead of having three eighths and a dotted quarter.

The option is under Note Grouping > Syncopation: “Notation of short-dotted long patterns”

Thank you SO MUCH, JesterMusician! I just could not track that down.