2 channel edit windows

Hi,is it possible to have 2 channel edit windows open at same time?


I seem to remember this function in older Cubase versions but afaik can’t be done now.

yes your right you could do this in c5 but you can do it now as Grim says

It’s alt + click on the E (or maybe shift or ctrl, don’t exactly know now, just try), you can open as many as you like.

It’s ALT.

But why you wanna do that ?
IMHO it gives more window clutter.
Just open 1 Edit Channel Settings window.
And then click on a track in Project Window to view it’s settings.
Or use the left and right arrow keys in the Edit Channel Settings window, to flip through channels from which you want to see their settings.



itspossible with Alt on audio tracks, but not with instrument tracks anymore as it opens the VSTI GUI…(which i don’t like )

the reason I want to do it,i wanted to see the frequency peaks of a kick drum and my bassline.

this sucks bigtime

Perhaps sending the outputs to an FX track using Multiscope might give you better analytical comparison possibilities.

thanks for reply,how do I see them both separtley though?

it’s possible, when i’m in the mixconsole, have multiple tracks selected, and trigger my KC for ‘edit channel’, they all get brought up separately (though possibly on top of each other so it seems like there is only one).

Hey, I just put the ideas out there… :laughing:
Seriously though, I’m not in a position at the moment to try it, but if you could route the two tracks as mono to L and R of a stereo going into the FX Multiscope you should be able to compare. Perhaps you’ll need to route them over sends with panning instead of inserts. I leave the details for your consideration. :wink:

I’m getting the same here… really frustrating!

This needs to be sorted out. I’d like to be able to open two channel editing windows on all kind of tracks at the same time, it’s useful for making EQ adujstements while mixing.

now with track instruments its even worse… Alt+E should open multiple ch setting editor like in any audio channel.
it wasn’t very brilliant idea to open the Vsti editor with this key combo !!!
i wonder if its possible to change it from preferences :question:

Aha, you mean in the Mixer, yes… it works in the Inspector and Track List though, so that could be used as a workaround.

But Alt+e should behave the same in the Mixer, duplicating Channel Edits.
Another modifier key, Ctrl or Shift instead of Alt, could be used instead for the vsti opening.

where can i change this ?

No, you can’t, I meant Steinberg could change that…

hoo… they can do anything :exclamation: :ugeek: