2 Computer Screens

I have 2 screens now, to make it easier whilst working in Cubase.
Does anyone use 2 screens in Wavelab ? if so how ?

I put my plugins on one screen and WL on the other. Works GREAT!

Thanks. I’ll try that.

I like to put meters in a Control Window, on another screen.

Since my screens are 27", the one thing I do (thank you Win10) is set monitor 2 as the screen that has the task bar on it’s bottom (hidden until moving the pointer to the bottom of the screen), and then set it parallel to my eyes. The other screen, (monitor 1), I angle about 7-10 degrees towards me while I sit slightly towards the middle of the two screens but basically in front of monitor 2. The surround bezels are 3/16" so I have a 3/8"" inch black line in the middle of my screens which is not a problem for me.

Because WL is able to collapse the plugins on screen, and also turn the meters and wave files into a full screen with a double click, I just run the project across the two screens and get on with it. The plugin collapse feature and the full screen for meters and wave files is an amazing feature, I wish Cubase offered this!

Also, I found a highly rated dual arm monitor support system on Amazon ($99) that lets me make these adjustments quite easily. FWIW, I used to run my monitors about 4" higher, but read that optimum height was the top of monitor at eye level - and this is definitely a better way.

I have meters on one screen … mainly so that they aren’t distracting

i’ll try the suggestions.