2 Computer Screens

Just got another screen. I have project on one and mixer on the other.
Any tips for using 2 screens and does 2 screens effect performance ?
is there a good way of setting the pc up for 2 screens ?

I think most people have it like you described. mixer on separate monitor or even instruments etc depending on where you are in the work progress of your project.

Cubase performance won’t be affected by 2 monitors, your graphics card will do all the work there

It’s a lot easier with 2 screens.

I have noticed in the last month, that my mouse gets hung up on the edges/corners on one screen when I try to move an open window to the other screen. I have had Win10 for 3 years without this kind of issue. The only solution right know is to quickly move the mouse to the other screen once you have clicked on the title bar.

Is there a setting that eliminates this behavior? Not that big of deal. Mostly irritating as it is just ‘different!’


If the 2 monitors don’t have exactly the same resolution, for example monitor A is X pixels vertical and monitor B is X+100 pixels, when your cursor is in part of that +100 area of monitor B with no corresponding space on A - then you can’t move the cursor from B to A.

Thanks. I will look at that. Curious. I haven’t changed anything in this setup for a while. But definitely something with Win10. Cheers!’

I work with two monitors with two different resolutions 2560x1440 (main) and 1920x1080 (2nd) and never had any problems with the mouse but maybe try to keep your cursor somewhere half way on your screen when you move things around.

In the Windows multiple monitor setup you can arrange how the physical screens are aligned relative to each other - i.e. the bottoms line up and the tops don’t. Or the middles of each are aligned.

Yes. I have looked at this. Ah, I have seen examples on the web where the screens can be made to touch sides, tops and bottoms to facilitate the mouse movement. Curiously on the WIN10 setup for displays, I can easily identify and move the monitors around, but I cannot get them to stay ‘touching’ on the sides as seen in the examples. The windows will touch top to bottom, which is not how I have my monitors situated. That doesn’t help the mouse movement issue. Even without the windows touching in the set up screen, the mouse will move across all monitors. Just cant drag a window slooowly…no thinking or reflecting on things when moving the window, as it cant be done slowly, just works when quickly dragged. Kind of funny as this does show me how I get lost in thinking about a direction/change in the song I am working on! Especially as I drag windows around.

I read about the quick window dragging movement on the WIN10 forum, but that the posts were from 4 years ago. I still have to look at the resolutions. I wonder if there is anything in the NVDIA setup that I (at the time) purposefully changed! Looking there tomorrow! Thanks all!

My mouse issue is now ‘solved.’ The resolution on the monitors is set at the same 1920 x 1080. Confirmed in both Win10 settings and NVIDA setup. Going into System settings and Multitasking, I find a ‘snap windows’ setting page. This was ‘on.’ Not turned on by me, but probably one of the last few Windows updates. Turned off, the mouse moves the open windows across monitors without issue. Turning it back on, gives the hesitation of the mouse to move open windows across to the next monitor. There are 3 separate settings, each on or off. With these three off, having the overall ‘Snap Windows’ toggle appears to control movement at the borders.

I will turn it off for now. playing with the 3 underlying settings, I really don’t see much changes in behavior. But not interested in that right now! Back to some mid-side recording! Thanks.