2 computers for low latency playing ?


I bought a new computer with cubase 9.5 pro , and thought I could use my extensive template to low latency without crackles, which unfortunately didn’t really happen.
Because I own also a powerful laptop for DJing I was thinking to use it in combination.

The main idea here , is to have my main cubase running my extensive template at high buffer setting , and have a copy of the VSTi with same preset (and even same insert effect) on the second computer to be able to play it in real time ultra low latency (running at 96khz helping for that)

I don’t want to offload some power , my new computer is powerful enough to run my project, but not at extreme low latency (3 ms RTL or less), I want keep my project at one entity on the main computer

What would be the best setting for that ?

I was thinking on bringing the laptop in the studio room which hold my main computer , using a second soundcard which I have , and connecting the 2 sound card with midi and audio cables, but maybe there is more elegant solution through eterneth cable , so I could let the laptop in my bedroom as both computer are already connected through internet router.
I know Vienna ensemble pro allows that , but it is a serious expense I cannot afford for now , but more important i don’t know if it can handle very low latency through the network and also while main computer is on high buffer setting .

But the idea of Ethernet connection carrying both midi and audio would be beautiful , even I doubt about latency performance especially if I want use an AmpliTube vst instead of a VSTi controled by midi (in this case only midi signal send to laptop and audio returning back for monitoring when AmpliTube would need 2 time the audio travel one for go and one for return ) , I also doubt the possibility to route audio channel from my desktop audio card used by cubase and the Ethernet , And it would be needed to have alongside a software to remotely control the laptop I guess.

I was thinking of cantabile but maybe second cubase like element would allow me to easily transfer VST preset or full channel configuration with fx chain between the 2 computers.

Any experience sharing or idea input in term of software to achieve that would be deeply appreciated

Thanks in advance


Yes the Cubase AI or Element can be usefull with your xtra audio card, for midi you can use RTPMidi to send by network the midi (you can have as many midi in/out that you want and no latency…. For the audio I don’t know, Vienna is not a solution for low latency cause it’s slave to the Cubase latency.
why not plug the second audio card in your main computer with Cubase Element at with very low latency and using RTPMidi for the midi connection.

RTPMidi : https://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/rtpmidi.html

However, if you use Vienna Instruments Pro on your second computer running all your intensive VSTis, you might find you can run you project at the lower latencies you desire. Personally, I run a RME Digiface at 128 samples (approx 6.5 ms RTL)and I can run everything I need with no issues and the latency is fine for me with guitar sims, VStis etc.

My lan based system works fine with FXTeleport.
It’s free but it’s a 32 app/plug so you need some bridging.