2 controllers used simultaneous

I am using a Komplete Kontrol A49 keyboard with cubase. It works fine, but in some instrument libraries (mostly EastWest) the keyswitches are on the very low end (C1 to C2) of the keyboard and it’s nearly impossible to use them while playing in the mid range.
So I am planning to buy a second controller (Nektar LX-mini), just for the key-switches .
Does someone know, it it is possible to use them silmultaneously, right hand playing on komplete Kontrol while left hand uses the key-switches on Nektar LX-mini?
Any help would be highly appreciated
Cheers Jay


Yes, it is possible to use multiple MIDI controllers simultaneously. Thanks to the “All MIDI Inputs”, what is the default MIDI Input of any MIDI/Instrument track, Cubase merges all MIDI devices to the track.

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Thx Martin for the quick reply :grinning: