2 Cubases licenses

Hello! I have been using licensed Cubase for years now. I recently decided to upgrade my Cubase 11 Pro to Cubase 12. And I saw a deal from Steinberg which contained upgrade to Cubase 12 and some plugins, all for 60€. But it looks like I misunderstood it was not full Cubase 12 version/upgrade. So after month or two I decided to buy Cubase 12 Upgrade (99€) so I can upgrade it and work. And now I can’t activate the new license. In SAD there are two licenses. Can somebody help me?

It looks like you have to verify first the upgrade by using the eLicenser Control Center.

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unfortunately Georgi can’t because he’s already used that elicense C11 pro licence to upgrade the 1st time I assume ?

hard to say without knowing what is on the elicenser ? or what the first ‘upgrade’ actually was ?

Georgi has an activated C12 licence already so I can’t actually see the point in activating another - although I understand the need for him to find out what is going on .

basically we don’t have enough information to assist :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if I understand what you’re trying to say. The sale was 40% off any upgrade/update/full purchase of Cubase 12. It only didn’t apply if you were upgrading from an educational version.

In any case, you already have a Cubase Pro 12 license activated and working, so if you only had a single Cubase 11 license, then the second Cubase Pro 12 license is unnecessary and is not going to work.

Please contact Steinberg Shop Support for a refund on your second Cubase Pro 12 license.

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