2 different flow headings on the same page?

flow headings were a very welcome addition to Dorico.Thank you! Yesterday I came accross the following question: is it possible to have two different flw headings on the same page? I have a project, where I have defined different flow headings, but I can only insert a flow heading change for a whole page. I case I didn’t miss anything, I want to ask if this could be added in a future version. In the meantime, I will edit the flow headings directly, but than I get the mean red triangles … :smiley:

You can have several flow headings on the same page, but they are all displayed in the same flow heading format. The format is attached to the page, not to the individual flows.

You might be able to do what you want by making a format using several tokens that reference different items in the Project Info for the flow, and then leave some of the items blank for different flows so the headings look different. But there is a limitation that all the flow headings on a page will have the same vertical height.

I would also love to see the functionality HeiPet describes. A way to connect flow headings to flows (and not just pages) would be very helpful in laying out pages where content changes in the flow but more than one flow exists on a single page. This would be so powerful!