2 different ways to load sounds but only 1 is editable

IN GA SE 4 I can load a kit and get individual sounds or patterns: Great! In this mode I can apply midi effects and shape the sound any way I want. However if I want a shaker sound and I go to Media Bay and search for shaker and pull up a sound first of all i have can not see if it is looking in Beat agent, acoustic agent, or if it is searching both. also when I do find a shaker, i don’t see where it then loads in a kit format where I can shape the sound. it just loads to the track and what you get is what you get.

I am trying to reproduce the shaker sound in the song Lost without You sung by Robin Thicke. There is a quiet constant shaker going on in the song that I am trying to emulate. Thanks.

Just grab any nice sounding shaker wav (or even a tambourine, ride or white noise) and drop it on a pad on an empty kit in GASE. Program a loop with 16th hits on the pad and play with velocities on the midi to give it some human feel. Quantize with a 50 to 80% swing to taste…

Good luck!