2 dongles and possibility to work with both 5 & 6 versions of Halion

I just wonder, does it have chance to work ? I have two dongles (one is empty in that moment).Is it possible, , if I plan to buy upgrade from Halion 5 to 6, and would like to avoid my Halion 5 Licence to be overrwighten, put Halion 6 licence on separate dongle, and be able to work with both (2 dondgles connected of course )? Or Halion 6 instalation will overwright version 5 in system already, so licencing have nothing to do with it ?

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(Removed by author due to inaccurate information.)

This is NOT true.
Halion 6 licences don’t contain halion 5 Licences. If you have Halion 5 content to load or Halion 3 banks. You need to beg Steinberg to get an Halion 5 addon licence that can be on the same dongle… All in all very “professional”

I believe that. It happened to me, with Halion 5 and Halion 4 and older made programs.There’ve been a lot of problems with them to work.I had to rewright lot of them, and don’t want to repat all of theese.It’s madness

Well, that’s pretty much ridiculous. I’m very sorry for the misinformation and I will edit my previous post. Carry on …