2 dotted notes to 1 dotted halfnote problem

I have 2 dotted quarter notes in a 12/8 piece. When I press T to tie them Dorico changes them to a dotted halfnote - which I don’t want in this case.
I can’t find anywhere to changes this ?

this may not be politically correct, but if you activate Force Duration before hitting T … in many (most?) cases the note values are preserved. If not, you have to re-enter the notes with Forice Duration active…

Turn on Force Duration when you enter the notes, and enter them however you like. Forcing the duration of notes/rests

Hey, I didn’t know that! That’s a time-saver, thanks. And I think it is not even a terrible hack (let alone politically incorrect) that it works like this. After all, when we ask Dorico to tie existing notes, it effectively enters a new note in place of the existing ones. It looks like Dorico actually runs a kind of macro to re-input the original notes, mimicking user input, while just adding the T-switch. If Force Duration is on, this process is also subject to it. It makes sense.

“It’s not a hack; it’s a feature.” :smiley:

Got it! - Thank’s all :slight_smile: