2 drivers for my keyboard

Hi, I have an m-audio keystation which Cubase detects in the port setup dialog as two devices, one using a DirectMusic driver and one Windows MIDI driver. I always have to go in and turn one off (make inactive) otherwise I wither get one of the other or sometimes both! When there are bot I get duplicate midi notes :confused: Anyway the DirectMusic one gives the best performance so does anyone know how I might permanently remove the Windows MIDI driver >?

Neithier…Why aren’t you using the m-audio keystation driver

I do have that installled, in fact I reinstalled it the other day again but it does not show in Cubase by name, I had assumed it was the DirectMusic one

Just realised that was confusing, what I have in MIDI port setup is:

DirectMusic In USB Keystation 61es In [1]
DirectMusic Out USB Keystation 61es Out [1]
Windows MIDI In 2-USB Keystation 61es In [1]
Windows MIDI Out 2-USB Keystation 61es Out [1]

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It should save your settings there. I have the same for my Midex, I get 8 in/out in both Direct Music and Windows Midi. I don’t even remember which I’m using, but I disabled the other and it stays disabled in every project.

Windows midi is part of the windows installation and used by media player etc.

M Audio keyboards are midi class compliant devices that just plug and play unless they are hybrid keyboard/midi contoller with knobs and faders which sometimes have editing software that can be installed for template design

In MIDI Port Setup, just check the one you want in the visible column and un-check all in the All MIDI In column and select the specific on all tracks.

Hi, thanks for the replies but I know all that and do that but somehow Cubase keeps reenabling them