2 elicencer + 2 account

usb elicencer 1: cubase 11 (…@.com)
usb elicencer 2: Absolute 4 ( other mail …@.com)

i have 2 elicencer and 2 mail account.

The account of elicencer 1 has cubase 11 in the mail account

other account of elicencer has Absolute 4 in the difference mail account

what i want to do move my absolute 4 account to cubase 11 elicenser, so both will be in one account and over 1 elicencer

If I drag and drop is it enough? because It says deactivate on my other account of absolute 4,
do I need to deactivate?


yes drag and drop will move it:

think of it as ‘reselling it’ from one email account to the other…

you can register the empty dongle elicenser too - so it can be a spare.

If I do this it will transfer to usb but will absolute transfer automatically from the account belonging to the new account?

just think of it as ‘selling’ the licence from one email address to the other

there is no charge and the licences will end up on the email account you choose

i dragged it and they successfully merged into one account it was great
Thank you for your help

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