2º ending tied note


I need advice regarding a note tied to the first ending and to the second ending, what would be the best way to have the second ending note tied? The Gb is a note that comes from the 11th bar.

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Thank you so much, Pianoleo. I hope they can implement it because it has to be done for every instrument in the score and in the parts, also the accidental have to be hidden in both.

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Add one l.v. tie.
Select the note and hide the accidental from the properties panel.
Go into Engrave mode and make the l.v. tie look right.
Go back Write mode and Alt-click the note (and l.v. tie) into each of your other instruments.
Correct the pitch in each one.
Go back into Engrave mode and drag a marquee selection around all the notes with l.v. ties.
Edit > Propagate Properties.

Might save you some time…

You can record a macro to make repositioning the lv ties go quicker.
If on Mac use rather than (I think) :wink:

In Engrave mode, select left most box of tie.
Start recording macro.
Press 2 times.
Press 4 times. ( to select right-most box)
Press 2 times.
Stop recording macro.

Select left most box of next tie.
Run macro.

Great! Thank you so much, Craig and Pianoleo. It is so great to have you around sharing so much knowledge.

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Is it possible to save the Macro? I made one that is working very well and thought it would be nice to be able to save it for later use elsewhere. But I did not find any obvious way to save it.

Look for the file usermacro.lua in the following folder:

Windows: %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico\Script plug-ins
Mac: /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico\Script plug-ins

Rename it to something else for future use

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Great! Thank you so much.

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Hello everyone!

Just checking, any news about this topic?


I’ve found quite a good way is to create an appoggiatura, tie it to the main note, hide stem, scale it to about 150% and set opacity to 0. You can then move things around in Engrave.

It’s handy also if the note is also tied to another in a following bar.


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