2 essential Mastering Questions

Hi there everyone,
two essential Questions came up while trying out Wavelab as a Mastering unit:

  1. Can i make Wavelab always showing me “All Formats” when Opening a Folder instead of the last Format used or opened (like wav or mp3 etc…)

  2. Once i render a Song and let it automatically being opened by Wavelab , can it always put the Mastering section into Bypass?
    So that i can switch fast between a mastered song and the one i am working on, which obviously should have the Mastering section on.

thanks for your help and have a great summertime


Hi Frank,

for your question 1)
you can see all available file formats when using the file browser in Wavelab. There is a filter for selecting all or some file format extension types.
Also when using recent files under “File” all used audio file formats are shown.

  1. There is a button to enable or disable bypassing under right corner next to the audio properties dialog.
    Once you rendered a file, you can then disabale / enable bypass and switch between the audio file tabs.


When you render the song … in the render dialogue notice “Options”: there select ‘Bypass Master Section on Resulting Audio File’.

amazing, i love your support,

thank You very much for your replies, Everyday is a day to learn

best regards