2 evenings and 8 hours later...

… and I’m no nearer to using my newly purchased Cubase elements 10.
having endured a nightmare 8 hours over two evenings i have seemingly installed and registered the programme but there is no icon to open it or any trace of it in my installed programs folder. please please please help me :confused:

Hi and welcome,

Could you provide more details of your system, please? Windows (7/8.1/10)/Mac(os 10.13/14)? Make sure your system is up-to-date. If you are on Windows, make sure the Microsoft Redistributable is installed. Graphics card?

Did you unzip the file before you installed, or did you install directly from the ZIP? Unzipping is recommended. Did you install as administrator?

Hello Martin, Thanks for taking the time to respond. Hopefully we can get this sorted.

First, to answer some of your questions …

im running Windows 10. details of my system as in spec below.

I checked for Windows 10 updates and installed on Friday.

You mention make sure "Microsoft Redistribute is installed".

during the installation process i received the following pop up …

clearly an issue there !? however, i clicked on the X to proceed.

i received various pop ups informing me another installation was in progress i clicked ok and appeared to proceed…

Ultimately ending with …



Yes, please install the Microsoft Redistributable.

Thanks Martin, ill give it a try at weekend.