2 faders for each instrument

Why do two faders appear for my vst instruments. How can I eliminate one. I want control to be designated to the track fader and not the midi fader

Deselect midi faders in your track filters.

Thank you.

Sorry that didn’t work, it only hides the faders. I still have use 2 faders to control 1 track. Is there any thing else you can think of, or maybe you could explain in detail your previous reply.

Thank you

Do you have the Mixer synced (visibility) with the project window?
Otherwise I’m not clear on what you mean. Normally the midi faders can be set to off (all the way down to the bottom, or via context menu) and don’t need adjusting.
Perhaps if you could give some more detail or include some screenshots showing exactly what you mean by which two faders.

Thanks again. I’ll try it when I get home from work.