2 failed upgrade codes to 11 so far, what's going on!?

I did not know upgrading was THIS hard! I tried to upgrade my pro 10.5 license and then it corrupted my first elicenser, had to buy a new one, request zero downtime, they gave me the wrong code the first time, they gave me a working code the 2nd and also a new code to activate Pro 11 because I had bought the update 11 to pro. First code was not valid, but NOW my original upgrade code I bought says is been ACTIVATED even though on my steinberg account it says its never been activated. I am pulling my hair out! What the heck! Elicenser says its already activated, steinberg says its not! Who the heck can help me out at steinberg!!!

edit: thanks for nothing Martin.Jirsak! LOL gtfo


Please, ask at Steinberg (technical support), not at user forum.