2 fixes I'd love to see in the next patch

  1. The first one is by far the most annoying one. Basically when you’re trying to delicately program in some CC so you keep pressing on the SPACE BAR or Replay (CTRL+SPACE) shortcut, it stops working because it gets hijacked by the automation menu:

    Thus, you end up losing your place or worse yet, manically hitting the keyboard trying to Stop Dorico.

  2. The other is constantly losing the “Link” in the piano editor every time one zooms in or out. Basically “linked” can only be used at the one zoom the devs decided was good enough. Personally I rather work at maximum zoom (for details) and just click on the notes in the score to quickly navigate between areas.

Hope to see these, otherwise I feel Dorico 4 is still a step back from 3.5.