2 flatpicking masters

Hey all,
I recorded a house concert at a friend’s a couple of weeks ago and thought I would share a couple of the tunes.
This is just 3 guys, 2 of which are flatpicking masters and write for Flatpicking Magazine.
So it’s Brad Davis (left), Dan Miller (bass-center), and Tim May (right). The recording was done with 2 Oktava M-012-01 (modded mics) in an x-y pattern, 1 Rode NT1A Center and a direct line for bass.


That was sensational.

I’m only listening with (fairly reasonable quality) earbuds and to me the sound is great. On a couple of listens I’d say that the guitars on the first tune, Dinah, were coming mainly from the centre, especially when soloing. Seemed a bit more left-right separation on the second tune.

That is absolutely in no way meant to be any sort of criticism; I loved the quality of the sound, I thought the musicianship was stunning and it sounded like everyone was having fun - great live performance. Was the guy on the right playing with thinner strings? I liked the sound of his guitar - snappy and bendy.

Great stuff, Billy, post some more of this!


Of course the playing is expert, but I just can’t get past the room ambience – it’s actually TOO live for me, and almost ruins it.

I think a gentle attenuation of the high end might help this come across better

I would adore it if, when I set the volume to a realistic, normal level, that it sounded natural and real, but it just doesn’t. Sorry!

Thanks Steve,
I’ll see if I can pick out another one to upload from the show, glad you enjoyed it.

The liveness of the recording is what it is, the mics were about 3 to 5 feet away, so room comes into play. However, being used to bluegrass recordings and live recordings in general, I don’t have any problems with it and in my room and everywhere I’ve listened to this it doesn’t sound to me like too much highs. Maybe your listening environment?

Anyway, thanks for listening,

wow man! friggin excellent, both tracks are mighty fine pickin and grinnin. loved it
big mon had me in a spin, amazing! I can only dream of playing like that.
cheers for capturing it

Great expression! That’s exactly what I meant.

A great piece of work in capturing a great piece of work.


Listening to the first one now… love it, and the recording sounds excellent on my monitors. Did you do any post processing? Thanks for sharing this, I’m really enjoying it.


Great playing. Thanks for posting these. :sunglasses:

I did do minimal eq and compression to bring the levels up, that’s about all I can remember doing.

Thanks to everyone else who listened. I’ll see if I can pick a couple more to post.




Cheers :slight_smile:

Wow Billy, brilliant stuff. Great playing. My best to the guys and to you for making such a great recording available :sunglasses: Actually reminded me to get some Django on later in the day :sunglasses:

Man, I can never get my plecrum to work right. That was a schooling on flat picking, amazing. :smiley: