2 Flows per page

I want to create a layout with Two Flows per page, thus:

FlowTitle, Flow Composer

Flow Title, Flow Composer

Of course, tokens only use the first Flow of the page. Do I have to use actual Text objects, rather than tokens and Text Frames, to get the information on the page?

No. You will need to to override the master page on every page, though.

I would stick {@flow?Title@} half way down the master page, and then on each page is double-click on that text and change the ? to the correct flow number. Rinse and repeat for composer.

Would be nice to have tokens that can do this in the feature (using relative numbers {@flow+1Title@} )

In the future we intend to have features for automatically adding text frames at the head of flows so that you don’t have to manage any of this stuff manually.