2 Gb Reach tying to export OMF


I am trying to export an audiofilefrom Nuendo 8.1 to a client using ProTools He cant open it if I tick the “consolidate Events” option And if I DO NOT tick that I get the message that I am reaching the 2 Gb limit of the OMF format??? If I ignore that Nuendo crashes…

What!? WHY!? someone?


Why not try AAF?
OMF is (almost) dead.

Bye/ Tumppi

The client wanted that format . the clips are aligned to timecode/voiceover dub…

Can’t understand why AAF won’t do…

But then you have to split your omfs into smaller pieces…

HI again Tumppi!
Now I have exported as AAF but have not heard yet from the client… QUESTION! Even if I just Tick the only voiceover/dub-file for export. Nuendo includes the otherfiles as well despite the fact that I NOT has choosen them! WHY?
Please help, you seems to know everything!

Eerh. Thanks, but still learning…
Export less track at on time, meaning more omfs.
Or export only parts of timeline etc…

I’ve learned that many ask for omf but need aaf :wink:

Maybe I miss understood.
Try this: Make save as, delete unused tracks, remove unused files (careful not to delete), then export…

I understand you’re trying to export an embedded OMF. It is not possible to export an embedded OMF larger than 2 GB anywhere in the observable universe. Period. No matter what DAW you are using.
You either have the option to:

  1. Export, as Tumppi said, two or more embedded OMFs that conform to the maximum file size, in that case it’s better to split the project by tracks and not in time segments, btw.
  2. Export a folder linked OMF which gives you a small OMF file well within the 2 GB limit, and a media folder with all the clips in it, which the other DAW will then reference when opening the OMF. Make sure the client receives both the OMF file and the media folder, and they must stay in the same position relative to each other, e.g. both in the same folder etc.
  3. Export an AAF file, which should work better anyway provided the guy you’re sending it to doesn’t have a 10 year old ProTools version.
    OMF is an outdated and extremely buggy format which is neither supported nor used anymore in the majority of software and post houses nowadays. Avoid using it whenever you can.

Thankyou! Both of you, I hear and obey… I skip OMF,goodbye. And now it is AAF that I will use, QUESTION: I am afraid to loose something of the 3 hour Dub I have recorded… Is it safe to ” remove unused files”? I Am still working with the project so I can not delete anything yet… I am in the phase of trying send the client files, WITH HANDELS so post can make some fades in/out if necessary… I can of course import just the voiceover I have recorded in a New project and make the AAF export, but it feels like an unnecassary step… Do you have any more thoughts?
Again thanks for help, Micke.

With Aaf no need to remove.
Just export the needed tracks…

When doing so, Nuendo calculates the soundfile,the moviefile which I recieved from client to make voiceover to, and finally my recorded dubtrack. I choose only my dubtrack in the AAF export dialog but still Nuendo start to calculate the two tracks I dont want or need to export…

Really? Odd. Don’t have time to check…
But then make a save as and remove not needed tracks and then export.


Not sure why deselecting the other tracks doesn’t work for you, but why don’t you just save a duplicate of the project, erase all other tracks than what you want to export there, and export the AAF from that? Should be no trouble.

Thanks again, Yes I will follow your advices and AAF DOES do the trick! The client was happy with it so…no more OMF

Glad that there are people that helps Thanks!