2 Independent Tempo Tracks in Cubase

This is just wishful thinking, but if Steinberg can implement and give us 2 independent tempo tracks in a single project instead of one. That would be amazing. For example lets say we have a song or a cue and have to compose 2 different versions of that song/cue with different variations/instrumentation. We have to go outside a few bars or open/create separate projects that are dependent on a slower/faster tempo. We have to start from scratch just to try. There is presently a workaround with tempo variations/track versions. But this could be solved by having a send tempo track. By having this under a certain group/folder track and everything is linked to the second tempo track. This will be a game changer and also this will save people a lot of time loading and unloading projects the same projects with multiple tempo versions.

In such cases, I work with track versions.
These are not only available for audio, MIDI or instrument tracks, but also for the tempo track :sunglasses:
So you can create several song versions with different arrangements and tempo variations within the same project

here’s a possible workflow for this:

Here’s a sort of workaround using Track Versions-

In short, I use 1 track version ID for each cue, with all the tracks, tempo, sig, chord included. The “Rendered Cues” track does not get versions.

  1. Set all the tracks used for all the cues to the same track version ID (Assign Common Version ID), then move each cue into its own track version.

  2. To work on individual cues, navigate between versions using the commands, _Select tracks with Same Version I_D, followed by Next or Previous Track Versions, or by clicking on the Track Version name in the inspector’s Track Version tab.

  3. Add an audio track set to Time Linear (I’ll name it “rendered cues”) that does not have versions, and render-in-place your cues as you go along, moving the renders to the rendered cues track. This permits you view the film continuously with all the sound and music, but your cue edits are safe, and ready to edit, and tempo changes will not interfere with each other, since they are in separate versions.