2 Instruments sounding with MIDI keyboard

I’m not sure if its something I’ve accidentally enabled but for some reason my MIDI keyboard input causes 2 separate tracks to sound when pressing the keys.

One track is drums and the other is HALion, and only HALion is selected. The drum track is not on record or monitor but always sounds when using my keyboard on another track. It seemed to start by its self all of a sudden too.

I’ve reopened Cubase but be issue remains.

Windows 10
Cubase Elements 11.0.10

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Open Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup. My expectation is, you would find 2 different driver types for every single MIDI Port. Disable one of the driver type in the ‘All MIDI Inputs’ column, please.

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Hi and welcome on the forum


That solved my problem, thanks for the fast reply . Relatively new to Cubase so a lot to learn still.