2-Instruments Vertical Spacing

Hi Doricos,

I try to build a template for a two instruments Lead Sheet.
The goal is to look like a grand staff but I want to use different instruments (sounds) for playback. So I created two instruments (treble and bass) and added different VST’s.

Now I have problems to get the right vertical spacing. Adjusting staff to staff spaces gives me either a too small or a too big gap. There’s nothing in between. Same with intersystem spaces.
Is there a setting to get two independent instruments with the natural spacing of a grand staff?

Have you tried looking into Independent Voice Playback? This might allow you to have two different sounds in a piano instrument - without the workaround you’re trying to use.

I think it might work if you just make sure to use a different voice in each stave?

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What happens to inner-staff spacing if you add another system to your second example?

Be sure to check your setting for the vertical justification on the page as well as you setting for individual staff spacings. They work together.

That works fine! Thanks!

I used DanielMuzMurray’s solution for now but I’ll try your suggestion later too! Thanks a lot!

Yes, the staves are spreading out because the page is vertically justifying both staves and systems (because the page is over the first fullness threshold, but below the second).

You could add a brace manually in Engrave mode, which will force these staves to use the braced staff gap and not vertically justify.