2 instuments with one name

Is it possible to name two instruments with one group name? Stave 1 is a Drum set, stave 2 is Glockenspiel. Thanks.

No, it’s not easily possible, I’m afraid.

Is there a way to achieve a similar effect without too much effort then?

Not if you need one to be an unpitched percussion kit and the other a pitched instrument, no. You can achieve the custom bracketing easily in Engrave mode, but there’s no good way to then have a single staff label centred between the two instruments. You could add the staff label manually after the fact for each system in Engrave mode, but that will require manual positioning on every system.

Okay, thank you.

If you don’t care about playback, could you create a section player and add a divisi?

That works very well, thank you so much!