2 issues about dual mono


I’m new to the Steinbergverse, a long time PT user. When I trying cubase, there’re two issues found immediately.

  1. Import tracks, split to mono. their inputs automatically assign to left and right, but their outputs are all sending to the stereo, which I need re-assign by hand. I mean, inputs assignment is not important when mixing, but the outputs, it’s essential functionality in somehow, particular when I import hundreds tracks to split. How do I get outputs automatically assign to L&R if it’s possible.

  2. Also a mono track problem. When I Alt+ drag a plugin(SSL native CS) from a splitted L channel, copy it to the splitted R channel. It doesn’t work, and mute the channel. Unless I insert a new one. I don’t know this issue cause by plugins operations, or by splitted channel.

these 2 are not indispensable to me, but very important indeed. Can I get them work? Aren’t these issues exist in new versions? I’m tried it on somewhere, Cubase10 Win7.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Splitted Stereo files are 2 mono files… don’t expect that they get handled as a stereo track
you can use the panner to pan them all the way between left and right
Keep them as stereo files(tracks) and all works as expected…

I know I can pan them, I prefer to route them output directly. In PT, it just route simultaneously and automatically when I import the dual mono tracks. Is there a way in cubase like that? Pan and routing are OK on small project like some dozen tracks project, but on bigger one, things just get inconvenient a bit.
Dual mono still has it’s place on mixing. I just can’t discard it when I need it frequently.

Found solutions already.

Thanks st10ss’s help. And I’ll post my find below.

  1. The routing issue happens sometime when import and split simultaneously. If you split after import, it works perfect, automatically route L&R.

  2. This one is not repeatable, just happened once for me with SSL native. It’s totally not a problem.


What does it mean… I would say the SSL pluins have nothing to do with this…

Just happened once, very strange.

When I copy plugins from L to R, only SSL native CS mute the R channel, other plugins don’t. It is repeatable on that project, so I post my experience here. But awhile later when I re-open cubase, this problem never occur. Hope not confusing you here. :cowboy_hat_face:

Indeed that’s what you did …:wink:

Apologize. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: