2 keyboards playing different vst's simultaneously ? Possible?

2 keyboards playing different vst’s simultaneously ? Possible ? As the midi track where the
vst is at , with 2 keyboards connected only thats vst plays. So how to set it up that 2 are more keyboards kan play different vst instrumenst


Yes, it is possible. In the Input Routing field change the “All MIDI Inputs” option to the specific input. Different for every single track/instrument.

Really :slight_smile: So if i connect 2 keyboards to Cubase 1 keyboard can play vst 1 and the other vst 2 ? Because i know what you say, I can change all inputs to specific keboard. Ok let me test this. Would be super :slight_smile:

If i switch from track then it seems the track in Cubase is the only active one to specific vst instrument. So the track seems the selector , ? .


No, the Record Enable button is “the selector”. By default, Cubase enable the Record on the track, you just select. But you can enable it manually to. Enable it for both track, please.

Ahha so i need also second step enable the record button on 2 tracks as track one is a vst with midi input 1 (Keyboard1) and the other track is the second vst with midi input 2 (Keyboard2) As asetup like this would be cool for live playing nad multi keyboards connected to Cubase and multi vst instruments. Ok lets see if if thisworks. Can you upload screenshots ?

I did figure it out :slight_smile: You are my Hero :slight_smile: Thanks man !!! merry christmas !!!

Not possible if you are using a monophonic instrument


The MIDI Input port has nothing to do with the instrument which generates the sound. Sorry, what exactly do you mean?