2 lane toolbox again!

did anyone notice this :slight_smile: its in the manual even! but i just discovered by accident…

from the manual

‘to change the number of rows in which the tools are arranged on the toolbox, keep the right mouse button pressed on the toolbox until the mouse pointer changes to a double arrow, drag to the bottom or right. the tools can be arranged in one twe or three horizontal or vertical rows’

this was really annoying in 5.5 when it changed to a single row

Yes…! Excellent - found it the other day… :slight_smile: I too really didn’t like the single row idea…

Thanks SB… :wink:

WOW :astonished: I’m so pleased about this ! I was starting to get carpel tunnel chasing the eraser tool :smiley:

brilliant ,same here never liked the one row tool box ,well spotted !


much better …

[trying it out]

no, MUCH better!!! :wink:

I’ve always hated the one lane tool box… will do this one later! cheers! :smiley:

Because of problems with my shoulders, pretty much every time i try to select a tool to the far right of the one lane tool box i get a musle jerk and end up either missing the tool box altogether or selecting the wrong tool! HIGHLY frustrating!
This will be MUCH better! Cheers steiny! :smiley:

I too have been cursing the long toolbar - when you go there 1,000 times a day it’s pain! I have now set it to two lanes and I am happy that I can reach everything again. Lifesaver Xtigma and Steinberg (although IMO ST needn’t have changed it in the first place)

I have been a Cubaser since the eighties, but (I am not proud) I only just discovered that Alt+Click activates scissors! I guess some tricks escape us all!


One thing I don’t like about it, is that there’s no way to prevent the option from appearing if you keep the right mousebutton pressed for too long (my own fault, I know, but I do sometimes hesitate, with the toolbox open, before deciding exactly what I want to do). I’d much rather set this once-and-for-all in the Preferences panel.

I used to do the triple-jump and I always hated how after the first or second jump, I did not have enough time to rethink the third.

Anyways this is a most excellent capability.

Though, personally, I like the slick “one-liner” because it keeps it “thin”, non-intrusive and rather elegant.

I am very impressed with both the aesthetic and the speed improvements of the Cubase 6 graphics!

+1 to putting option into Preferences



This has got to be somewhere in the preferences. Why would they make you choose every time you open the toolbox?

Woohoo! This is awesome :slight_smile:

Seems it’s time to start reading the manual in case there are more gems like this.

Yep, one row was … not so good.
Thanks for the ‘heads up’ !

bye, Jan

Would also be nice to include only the tools you use regularly in the toolbox and invoke the menu with the modifier.

brilliant Steinberg!

Aw, c’mon! You really don’t think they do that? :laughing:

Brilliant Steinberg?

They should take away the record button…then give it back to us in the next version. Imagine how “brilliant” they would be then…sheesh.

i say, well done for doing again what you foolishly undid in the last version. But far from brilliant.

Its interesting that 99% of people seemed to prefer the 2 lane toolbox… in some way I guess they have improved it as technically the 3 lane version might be faster to use…

the sad thing is… when they changed the toolbox i had to change to using key commands… after a year of using key commands I cant go back to the toolbox… even 2 lane

I do not see a double arrow, but a cross that don’t let me resize anything.