2 lane toolbox gone?

is anyone else able to set the 2 lane toolbox (right click popup box that lets you select a tool)?

since upgrading to 7.04 It has gone from 2 lane back to 1 lane, you should be able to right click and hold the mouse button down to adjust from 1 lane to 2 or 3 lane…

Just me? or is it fixed to 1 lane now?

Someone else reported this too…

I found the same (defaults to one line), but for me, after clicking and holding the mouse button on the tools, the little double-headed arrow did appear after a couple of seconds and I could re-size and get my 2-lane toolbox back…!

On win7 32bit here; good luck…!

it’s just you , it works you just need to reset it

They seem to have broken this when they brought back the colour tool. You can get it to work somehow by doing the following (assuming Windows, and a right-handed mouse configuration):

  1. Right-click to bring up the toolbox and keep holding the right mouse button
  2. Move the cursor away from the toolbox, so that no tool is highlighted
  3. Hold down the Alt key
  4. Move the cursor to the right-hand bottom corner of the colour tool so it is highlighted
  5. Left-click and move – the cursor changes to the diagonal “move” and you can re-size the toolbox

Note that at step 5 you’ll be holding down both mouse keys and the Alt key.

Bet they never thought we’d find that function! :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it’s not. It’s broken.

Thanks a million ! worked

OK I eat my hat. I wasn’t holding down the right-hand mouse button long enough … :blush:

as I said it works fine here , quick go to the naughty step >>>>>>>>>>>>>> :wink: