2 licences, 1 dongle

Hi all, new to the forum but have been using cubase since Atari.

I had the full version of cubase 5 since release and have just now upgraded to 11 pro.

I bought a new iMac and installed 11 pro on that but still have 5 on my old PC which I still want to use. When I put the dongle into the iMac and did the licence procedure it overwrote the old cubase 5 licence so now only has one licence on the dongle for 11.

When I put the dongle into my old pc to use 5 again to start moving files etc, it started up fine and said I had a 24 hour licence and it started counting down. Now that time is up and it no longer works can I put the cubase 5 license on the dongle as well?

To summarise, I want to have a cubase 5 licence and a cubase 11 licence on the same dongle that I can put into both computers.

Is this doable or will I have to buy another dongle and then load the old cubase 5 licence onto it? Two separate dongles.

Cheers people

You updated with the discount, so the old license was overwritten, you don’t have two separate licenses, in fact.

But Cubase 5 should work using the C11 license.

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Your Cubase 11 license is also a license for Cubase 5 (and 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & a bunch of point 5s)

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With the 11 pro license you should be able to open Cubase 5 as well.
Maybe it is needed to update the elicenser control center to the latest available version of your platform.

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Thanks for the quick replies people, I’ll try updating control centre on my old PC as that hasn’t been updated since I first bought Cubase 5 all those years ago.

At this exact moment in time, when I plug dongle into the old pc to use 5 it just says -

eLicenser control error - Application Cubase 5 has caused the following error : eLicenser contains no valid licence for this application.

It then gives me some options.

I will try updating though and also check that the license is 100% even on the dongle (I suppose it should be though as I get into cubase on the Mac without any problems)

Thanks again. Will reply with more info.


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The version of eLicenser Control Center on your old PC has a licence database that is too old, so it does not know that your Cubase Pro 11 licence is valid for Cubase 5. Update eLicenser Control Center to the last supported version on the old PC, then run the “Update eLicenser License Database” option in the support menu to download the latest licence database.

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Cheers everyone, I took your advice and downloaded the newest version of control centre for my old operating system (windows 7). The first one I tried to install didn’t work and said something was missing so I went back to the download page and got an alternate version (the one that it says to use if having problems with the other version). I installed it and even though I somehow cant open control centre, it loads cubase 5 first time every time so its obviously working behind the scenes, it just won’t let me actually open the control centre program. It says -

‘The program cant start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem’

I tried reinstalling it once but because cubase it now working fine I dont want to fanny around with it too much for fear of losing it altogether.

So to summarise, you good people have solved my problem for me and Im happy (hopefully it remains working and I dont have to come back disturbing you again!)

Thanks again. Marcus

Which answer do I tick ‘solution’ to if there are two with the same solution?

The better looking user – so that’s up to you and your personal taste! :rofl:

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Oh, that’s altogether likely. :neutral_face: