2 licenses on one elicenser dongle

I currently have Cubase 11 Pro at home for my own use. About a month ago I purchased Cubase 11 Pro for a company am I working with and will be using that over in their studio for their projects. I was under the impression that Cubase 12 would be a free upgrade however, it’s asking me to activate the Cubase Pro 11…but I never a bought 2nd dongle as i just decided to use my personal dongle thinking that the new system would work without it. My question is should I buy a 2nd dongle or can I put both licenses on my personal dongle just for activation purposes w/o causing any issues? Is the possible?

I would suggest not activating the 2nd license until you have completed the update to C12 with the first license.

Are you saying both licenses are Grace Period eligible or just the unactivated one?

Personally, I would buy a second dongle.

Thanks for getting back to me. No just the 2nd purchase is eligible.

Yes, right, to get the free update, aka Grace Period, the C11 license must be activated.

I would still wait a bit, the old license server is apparently still challenged by loads of traffic.

fwiw, I would still buy a second dongle, you will have two Cubase 11 licenses, one regular, and one, “non-upgradeable” that can’t be sold, but can be used. It’s nice to have a spare in case of a worst-case scenario,


Okay, will do. Thanks for your input!