2 main simple questions to use Dorico Pro

Hello, I am a beginner.
I am composing some solo musics using Dorico Pro now.

At first, I have 2 questions

  1. If I select multiple notes and press alt + arrow to translate notes forward or backward,
    and also if there are other notes around while moving selected notes thru (over) them,
    then those notes disappear or their setting (duration,rest etc) get damaged.

If I wanna move notes back and forth freely without touching any other things on the staff, even thru the bar lines,
may I ask : how can I do that???

  1. In cakewalk (old version), I could listen to the sound of the chord (harmony)
    if I click mouse on the staff where the notes are. They let me hear the sound including both treble and bass together.
    Of course, to do this, I need to select arrow key (selecting mode???) in Cakewalk, not editing (inserting) mode.

Even I can drag mouse on the staff (treble or bass) back and forth to play sound of those notes of both treble and bass part together, backward or forward manually.

Can Dorico do that??

Thank you



Hello, benwiggy. (below)

Thank you for your prompt help !!!

I joined this community today, and there is limit such that I cannot post more than 5 replies in one day.
So I came to write down this reply message here, instead.


In cakewalk old version, I didn’t need to worry about the voices.
Everything is just free. I can move any notes back and forth.

So, my further question is:

Can I create two or more different separate voices inside treble clef or inside bass clef
when I compose piano solo music (treble and bass staff) ???

Thank you


Thank you so much !!!

Notes that are moving over others will not destroy the other notes if they are in separate voices.
I’m not sure what you mean by “even through barlines”. It’s fundamental to music notation that notes positioned over barlines will change their appearance.

‘Scrubbing’ playback has been requested, but it is not possible yet. You can always play from any point using P on a selection.

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Cakewalk is a DAW, not a notation program, so things will not work in the same way.

Yes, of course you can create two or more voices on each staff of the piano.

I’d suggest you try the “First Steps” guide, found here:

and watch some of the video tutorials on YouTube, to get some familiarity with the basic concepts.

Shift V creates a new voice, and V switches to an existing voice. Works for a selection, or in Note Entry.

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