2 midi editors?

Hi, Is it possible to open 2 or even 3 midi editors at the same time? looked through preferences and the manual but couldn’t find anything so maybe it’s not possible… :slight_smile:

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:


very helpful reply …thank you
fascinating that you waste your time doing this my friend… :slight_smile:

You’re looking for
Preferences>Editors>Editor Content Follows Event Selection

Uncheck it

Thank you…really appreciate :slight_smile: it

Why would you want 2 or 3 Key editor windows open at the same time?

I’m always curious about other peoples workflow, and always wanting to streamline mine, therefore just wondering?

For me it is when I want to see two different but related Parts. For example if I’m writing a bass line it might be useful to look at an existing piano Part. While I could open both Parts in the same Window then you need to deal with Notes covered by other Notes and basically a more cluttered display where it is not always clear which note is in what Part. Also I’ll often want the 2 editors to display different pitch or time ranges - maybe one is zoomed to bars 8-24 and the other to bars 8-12 or 48-64. Useful for copying bits around too.

I’ll often have 2-4 Key Editors open at once (although typically a couple are just open because they were left that way.)

I agree it’s not always very clear because it makes the not focused notes more soft or pastel looking and sometimes hard to distinguish what is being edited.

The only time I have used 2 simultaneous opened Key Editors is for kick and snare drum in one editor and bass in the other. I’m not sure why I stopped doing it that way other than I guess I haven’t had the need to tighten one or the other.

Edit in place comes close to doing the job.


opening several parts simultaneously in the score editor, if working with notation is suitable.

There have been a couple of times when I’ve had a long Part that I wanted to open it twice in different editor Windows so I could edit something at the end while looking at stuff near the beginning. Ended up using the Key Editor and In-Place Editor.